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2023 National Men's Conference
Theme: "Finding Your Role As The Body of Christ"

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2022 National Men's Conference
Theme: "Evil Prevails When Good Men Do Nothing"

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Jim Caviezel National Men's Conference 2022
 David Bereit 40 forty days for life National Men's Conference Speaker

Raymond Arroyo

Jim Caviezel

David Bereit

2021 National Men's Conference
Theme: "What To Do When Facing Adversity"

Dr. Ray Guarendi
2021 Keynote Video

Fr. Mike Schmitz
2021 Keynote Video

Tony Maas
2021 Keynote Video


2021 Cincinnati Men's Conference
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2019 National Men's Conference
Theme: "Being A Family Man"

Fr. Leo Patalinghug, Plating Grace
2019 Keynote Video

Matt Birk, Former NFL Player
2019 Keynote Video

Rich Donnelly, MLB Coach
2019 Keynote Video

2019 National Men's Conference
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Evangelization Person of the Year Award

The Evangelization Person of the Year Award is presented annually to an individual in recognition of making an extraordinary impact on evangelization, spreading the Word of God. This award is considered one of the highest recognitions in evangelization with the intent to inspire and motivate everyone to strive to achieve. Equal to a lifetime achievement award, this recognition symbolizes carrying out God's calling for all of us at the highest level.

Past Recipients

2021 Award Recipient

Fr. Mike Schmitz

2018 Award Recipients

Original Cincinnati Men's Conference Founders

Declan O'Sullivan
Tom Young
Kevin Lynch
Gus McPhie
Kent Linnemann
Fr. Ken Sommers