Our rich history & Mission.

ALL men are welcome, no matter what faith or where you are in your faith journey.

This event is intended for ALL men of ALL faiths, no matter where you are in your faith journey. This event has been designed to equip men's group leaders and men's conference organizers with the resources and connections to constantly improve their events and small groups. Get connected with other men just like you by joining our social online platform now.

Back in 1994, Cincinnati, Ohio was the very first city in the country to put on a men's conference of this kind. The mission? To help men fellowship and be inspired by faith-based motivational speakers. Little did the founders of the Cincinnati Men's Conference know their effort would spark a national wave of other men's, women's and family conferences all over the country.

Keeping the rich history of what happened in Cincinnati alive, the Cincinnati Men's Conference, has now grown to become the nation's premier men's conference, establishing itself as the National Men's Conference. A conference building men into the leaders they need to be in Faith, business and family.

Men it's time to connect with each other.

Join our community of over 24,000 men across the country, and growing, looking to improve as leaders of their families, businesses and Faith.

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